Senior DevOps Engineer

Kochi, India

We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer to join our friendly and bright engineering team. The job requires commitment and care but offers flexibility, lots of room for personal contribution and responsibility. You will establish configuration management, automate our infrastructure, implement continuous integration, and train the team in DevOps best practices to achieve a continuously deployable system.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Developing standard operating procedures for infrastructure automation, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of applications
2. Manage relationships between development teams and operations teams to ensure that the project is successful.
3. Reviewing code for security vulnerabilities before deploying new applications or making other major changes to production environments
4. Planning and managing the implementation and adoption of new technologies within an organization
5. Establishing standards for system administration procedures including backups, disaster recovery, patch management, monitoring, capacity planning, and performance tuning
6. Creating an environment where developers can quickly and efficiently build, test, and deploy their applications.
7. Managing production issues that arise in an environment where multiple developers are updating systems simultaneously.
8. Coordinating with clients to manage their expectations about progress and deliverables throughout the development process
9. Establishing processes for continuous improvement of the development and deployment process.

Required Skills:

1. Very good hands on experience in Terraform, puppet or any other IaC or CaC tools
2. Must be highly skilled in CI/CD tools including git, github/gitlab/bitbucket, Jenkins/code pipeline (especially pipelines and parameterized jobs)
3. Must be highly skilled in Linux & Container orchestration (EKS & ECS)
4. Must be experienced in managing core and advanced AWS services in production systems (EC2, ELB, IAM, RDS, VPC, Cloudwatch, SNS, SQS, Route53 etc..)
5. Should be able to develop python and bash scripts based on requirements of the team and installation of packages from source
6. Should have hands-on experience in SQL queries, MySQL/PostgreSQL, DynamoDB/other NoSQL databases, Redshift or other warehouses
7. Strong knowledge in Elasticsearch and Kibana
8. Should be able to troubleshoot issues with LDAP, etcd, docker, ssl certificates, openVPN etc..
9. Should be able to configure and maintain nginx including pattern and regex matching rules
10. Should be willing to learn, upskill and dynamically cater to the requirements of the team
11. Should have good written and verbal communication skills.