Lead-Python Fullstack Developer

Kochi, India

Position Overview: We are seeking a skilled and versatile Tech Lead with expertise in Python, React, and a strong foundation in DevOps practices. The successful candidate will lead our technical initiatives, architect scalable solutions, and contribute to the seamless integration of development and operations processes.

Experience - 8+years
No of openings - 1 (WFO)
Joining time - 30 days Qualifications:
• Proven hands-on experience as a Tech Lead in Python and React projects.
Strong understanding of DevOps practices, including CI/CD, automation, and infrastructure as code.
In-depth knowledge of Python, React, and their respective ecosystems.
Experience with containerization technologies such as Docker and orchestration tools like Kubernetes.
Proficiency in cloud platforms, such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.
Solid understanding of database design, optimization, and performance tuning.
Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically about complex technical issues.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
Leadership experience in an Agile/Scrum development environment.
• Lead the technical direction of projects, ensuring alignment with business goals and scalability requirements.
Architect and design software solutions using Python and React, taking into account performance, security, and maintainability.
Evaluate and implement best practices for DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.
Build and maintain CI/CD pipelines, automated testing frameworks, and deployment scripts.
Conduct thorough code reviews to ensure adherence to coding standards, best practices, and security guidelines.
Mentor and coach team members in Python, React, and DevOps practices.

Provide technical guidance and support to junior developers, fostering a culture of continuous learning.
Education and Certifications:
• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
Relevant certifications in Python, React, and DevOps (e.g., AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Docker Certified Associate) are a plus.