Full Stack Developer

Kochi, India

Experience 3+ years

Mode of working WFO
We are seeking a talented fullstack developers

Experience/Exposure in

- • Net Core/Python/Java, Python back end
• Microservice Architecture
• MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis.
• Azure/AWS DevOps for Git and CI/CD
• Supports RESTful APIs
• Frontend technologies including React, Angular, Typescript, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
• Server Technologies of Apache, Nginx, and Node.js.

THE RESPONSIBILITIES You will be responsible for:

• Writing high quality, maintainable code that is easy to read and test
• Identifying and improving areas of our code base that could be made more efficient, more secure, or easier to maintain
• Carrying out code reviews with our Lead Developer and other developers, actively reviewing other team members code to underpin good development practices
• Creating system components from scratch to help us expand our client offering and to fulfil business requirements.
• Actively contributing to planning meetings, including advising on the product backlog, and sizing user stories
• Engaging with internal teams and external stakeholders to fully understand business requirements and deliver an exceptional product
• Staying up to speed on emerging development techniques and technologies, and suggesting improvements to our development stack
• Understanding of star-schema databases and data warehousing
• Understanding and experience of implementing microservices
• Prior experience working with cloud hosting environment